Stratus Imaging Analytics

A scalable, cloud-native imaging analytics platform that automates data acquisition and synthesises complex data from multiple sources to help healthcare providers realise meaningful insights.

What’s Included in Stratus Imaging Analytics

  • Optimise organisational efficiency and quality

    • Help improve departmental operations with the ability to share insights, export data, and drill into details.
    • Use interactive dashboards that offer deeper insights for data-driven decision making.
    • Drive performance improvements with capacity and utilisation metrics, staff utilisation and productivity data, referral management information, and comparative benchmarking.
    • Offers departmental activity reporting.
  • Data can be consumed ad-hoc or in standardised reports

    • Historical data.
    • Descriptive analytics.
    • Volumes.
    • Basic turnaround times (TAT).
    • Complete TAT trends and outliers.
    • Unreported studies.
    • Productivity data.
  • Data and insights are easy to export and share

    • Detailed data can be exported to Excel or CSV.
    • Dashboards and visualizations can be shared as images or exported to PowerPoint.
    • Dashboards and reports can be saved as PDF.

Insightsto Improve Your Imaging Operations

Change Healthcare Stratus Imaging Analytics UK

User-friendly dashboards makes data analysis easy for anyone

Whether the need is a standard report, an answer to an ad-hoc question, or in-depth analysis; Stratus Imaging Analytics enables decision makers and problem solvers to instantly access and interact with needed data.

Change Healthcare Stratus Imaging Analytics UK

Advanced imaging analytics tools to gain fast, meaningful insights

Gain meaningful insights with dynamic data visualisations, key performance indicators, problem-specific analytic workflows, and data discovery, and comparison. Stratus Imaging Analytics provides the context necessary to better understand the “what” and “why” behind KPIs and reports.

Change Healthcare Stratus Imaging Analytics UK

Automate processes to increase efficiency

Automate data acquisition and synthesis from multiple sources. Balance workload with an accurate, holistic view of current and historic activity within your imaging department and organisation.

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