Stratus Imaging Share

A cloud-native medical image sharing platform that lets providers view and exchange medical images with patient and EPR/PAS to help improve care quality, increase physician collaboration, and reduce costs.

What’s included in Stratus Imaging Share

  • Support high-quality patient care

    • Eliminate frustrating wait for prior images to be transferred from another facility or diagnostic centre
    • Streamline the process of storing, sharing, and accessing images across multiple healthcare providers
    • Help prevent unnecessary and costly repeat scans by ensuring all clinicians have access to patient medical exams, images, and reports
    • Promote cross-departmental care collaboration by enabling image sharing across the NHS and with private hospitals
    • Users can send a secure email link to colleagues, who can then view an exam in their web browser from any location
  • Enable automated image routing

    • Share images with anyone inside or outside of your Trust with our flexible cloud infrastructure
    • Enables a mix of automated, semiautomated, and direct-managed image-sharing workflows
    • Give and receive prior images from a wide variety of sources directly to your PACS
    • Export images to outside facilities from within your PACS workflow, saving time
    • Interface directly with your EPR/PAS, PACS, DICOM modalities, or external imaging systems via DICOM, DICOMWeb, and HL7
  • Simplify access with client-side rendering

    • Simplify data access from any device or any location at any time
    • Use our proprietary, streaming, client-side rendering architecture
    • Connect to the image-sharing platform via a web browser or any Internet-connected device*
    • Eliminate the need for plug-ins, as image decompression and processing are performed in Javascript using patented streaming technology

    *iOS and Android devices only. Contact Change Healthcare for specific versions supported.

Enablefast, simple medical-image exchange

Stratus Imaging Share-UK

Technology to support medical image sharing and collaboration

Help improve care quality and patient safety by providing immediate access to the patient’s medical images. Plus, support care-plan collaboration by making it easy for clinicians to request a consultation on current and prior radiology exams via a secure email link. Images can be viewed on our mobile-friendly HTML5 high-speed Imaging Share viewer.

Stratus Imaging Care-UK

Medical image sharing to help reduce costs

Help reduce costly duplicate testing. Our medical image-sharing solution helps decrease the number of redundant exams and prevent unnecessary radiation exposure. 

Stratus Imaging Share-UK

View images in advance to help provide better patient care

Help reduce patient-care delays by allowing specialists to view exams and reports from referring clinicians well in advance of the patient visit. 

Stratus Imaging Share-UK

Automation and uploads to help streamline workflows

Streamline your workflow with configurable automated, semiautomated, and direct-managed image-routing processes to help you increase efficiencies and reduce waste. Also, help save time with high-speed medical-image upload from PACS, and web portals. The system supports DICOMDIR and overwrites fields on upload.

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